• The most efficient sawmill east of the Rockies
  • Designed with exceptional ingenuity to maximize output and quality
  • Utilizes the best equipment in the industry, designed and created by ourselves
  • Innovative automations are used to achieve superior results

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Located in Northern Quebec, the Chapais-Sawmill is where Barrette began and is at the heart of the ingenuity that runs throughout our whole organization.

When the Barrette family purchased the Chapais-Sawmill in 1975, the business was struggling to survive. The very resource on which the sawmill depended was made up of some of the smallest trees in North America. But instead of accepting this, we rose to the challenge. We pushed the limits of automation and machinery. We created new and innovative ways to increase the yield of each tree. Over time, we’ve become highly regarded for our unique ability to take the best equipment in the industry and use automation advances to make the machines faster and more productive.