• One of North America’s most efficient facilities
  • Uses completely integrated machinery, automation and processes
  • Produces top-quality products in an industry-leading timeframe
  • Committed to constant innovation to improve quality and lower overstock

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“We really believe that good people make a good team, and a good team makes good results. The sheer force of what’s backing you up – it’s huge.”

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Remanufactured Wood

When it comes to remanufactured wood, Barrette is committed to using the highest quality raw materials for its bed frame and wood fencing panels and components.

From a simple strip of wood to pre-cut, radiused bed frames, we think about everything that goes into creating and delivering the perfect product. And then we think of a way to do it better. By focusing on flexible automation, we have created an innovative, just-in-time manufacturing process that allows us to produce over 90 different fence panels with minimal inventory or overstock.

We have become one of North America’s most efficient facilities by doing what we do best: working hard. This dedication to doing things right has ensured that our machinery, automation and processes are completely integrated and capable of manufacturing unrivaled products in an unrivaled amount of time.