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Our Core Values

Our Core Values Barrette is a company built on principles. We believe there’s no such thing as impossible and no substitute for good communication. We believe in finding new solutions to old problems and always working as a team. Most of all, we believe the customer deserves the best and we’ll do everything to deliver just that.

Our Value Is Our People

  • Dennis Tuttle
    “I know I’m blessed because I have a job I love. I get to solve problems, work on machines and it’s always with a customer first approach.”
    • Dennis Tuttle
    • Years of Experience: 17

    • Outdoor Living

    • Flint Plant

  • Alain Goulet
    "I have worked for Barrette for 30 years now. This company excels in its fields and it allows us to shine as qualified workers. It also helps me appreciate my work even after all those years."
    • Alain Goulet
    • Years of Experience: 30

    • Sawmilling

    • Chapais Plant